About Emily

Emily Roten is a wife, mom, ministry leader, speaker and much more.  How does she do it all?  Some say she’s a superwoman.  But, she’ll tell you she’s no different than any other woman – struggling with life, self-image, parenting and all the things that cause a woman to question if it’s all worth it.

Emily was born in Spokane, WA and lived much of her childhood in Seattle.  After moving around a bit during her teenage years, Emily arrived in Raleigh, NC.  There, she attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and developed a much deeper understanding of not only what life was about, but how God really wanted us all to live our lives.  Now, she lives with her husband, Michael, and 2 daughters in Jacksonville, FL.

One thing that made Emily’s life different than many others was the fact that it shouldn’t have ever occurred – the odds were against her while in the womb.  Emily has Turner Syndrome – a little-known genetic abnormality that results in miscarriage 98% of the time.  But, God had a plan for Emily.  She was indeed born, and from a very early age knew she would be building her family through adoption.  So, it’s easy to understand why strong families, strong parenting and adoption are central to her message to others.

Emily has spoken at many events, is a fledgling writer and blogger, and enjoys the chance to counsel others struggling with life.  With GodSpotters, she hopes to share an honest view of adoption without the hype of the latest headlines.