Considering Adoption

So, you feel like adoption may be in your future?  Take a look at some of the helpful resources below.


We love working with great agencies.  The selection of the perfect adoption agency is so important.  We used Amazing Grace Adoptions for our first two adoptions.  They seem like part of our family now!  But, you’ll want to consider your needs, desires and wishes when selecting your agency.  Here’s a list of a few that we know and support.

Amazing Grace Adoptions: A great agency that supports both domestic and international adoptions.  These folks are real – and love to help women who are searching for hope with their pregnancy.  We can’t recommend them enough! (

Bethany Christian Services: This organization lists adoption, pregnancy counseling and orphan care as central to their mission.  They are a large agency with wide reach and abilities.  At last review, they had nearly 100 locations to serve families. (

ALSO: You can also find an agency through the NATIONAL CHRISTIAN ADOPTION FELLOWSHIP (
Click Here for a list of member agencies.


If you know of others, please feel free to contact us!

We also like the book, Adopted for Life by Russell D. Moore.